Beginner Brush Calligraphy
& Card Making Course

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Learn brush calligraphy with a $5 pen
and a printable workbook!

People Who Love This Course

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Amy’s modern calligraphy - beginner brush lettering was a great showcase of how to put together these letters and the reasons behind the way they’re formed as they are. I really like the way Amy set the basic strokes ahead of putting together the letters. 

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Denise L

We enjoyed the online calligraphy class!  I felt encouraged how fast I was able to start this!  It would have helped us to go through practicing the letters a little slower.  I liked the casual feel of the online session, it was fun!  

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Rachele M

I LOVED your course! It was exactly what I was looking for and will definitely give me a lot to work with

Calligraphy can seem intimidating but in two hours, I will give you the tools to begin to develop your own style...

Pink Envelopes

Here’s what’s already waiting for you inside...

That's right, you get instant access to ALL past lessons & live replays! Here are some of the topics:


  • An overview of different kinds of brush pens

  • How Modern Calligraphy is different than other forms of calligraphy

  • Basic Strokes

  • How to combine these into letterforms for the entire lower case alphabet

  • Ideas of how to use your calligraphy for gifts and projects

  • Simple Botanical Illustrations 


  • A 20 page workbook filled with practice pages and project ideas

  • A reference page for the lowercase alphabet

  • A reference page for capital letters

  • A reference page for the combination of basic strokes for each letter

  • Traceable practice pages

  • Traceable Common Greeting Card Phrases pages

  • A weekly practice shedule

Take a Look Inside the Course


Learn to draw simple botanical illustrations



Greeting Card Layouts


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Benefits of Calligraphy

Simple creative outlet

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Mindfulness/mental health

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skill to use for gifts or even to make money

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About Your Instructor

I founded AMY BOLLANA DESIGN to provide clean, eye catching graphics and calligraphy/hand lettering services that help convey my clients’ message to their customers or add a special touch to an event. I am passionate about clear communication, both written and visual. 

In my spare time, you can find me doing lettering and calligraphy just for fun and drinking coffee with my hubby or my friends. 


I work from my home in Sherwood Park, Alberta where I live with my husband, our three sons and our dog Lola. 


Follow along with me on Instagram @amybollanadesign or Facebook Amy Bollana Design or reach out with any questions!

Still wondering if you this course if for you?

The simple answer? YES, of course!
There is a place for you here if you want it. Our community experience levels range from absolute beginners to intermediate artists. And I can guarantee you that wherever you are in your journey, is exactly where you are supposed to be right now.

Paint With Me is right for you if:

  • You aspire to get better at painting watercolor in a ‘loose’-ish style

  • You tried learning from free tutorials and YouTube videos but you want more instruction

  • You want insight into my process and approach to painting with watercolors (Whatever you want to know, I share it all!)

  • You believe in the power of community and that you can always learn something from everyone

  • You want to explore a variety of different subjects using watercolor

  • You are looking for monthly lessons to follow so you can practice more consistently

  • You want to meet new friends in the watercolor community from all over the world

  • Have a safe space to share your struggles, your successes, and ask questions

This course is NOT for you if: 

  • You only want to learn how to paint in a very detailed, realistic style using watercolors

  • You are only looking for tutorials on a single subject (for example: I only want to paint florals)

  • You classify yourself as an ‘advanced’ watercolor artist (there are likely more well-suited groups out there for you, but you are totally welcome!)

More questions?
Email and ask away!