Simple Brush Calligraphy
for Beginners



Do you like pretty things?
Do you like making personal gifts for friends & family?
Are you looking for a simple creative outlet?

In less than 2 hours, 
with a $5 pen
* and a printable workbook,
I will give you the tools to learn modern brush calligraphy.

*Approximate cost of pen

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Learning calligraphy is really quite simple. In less than two hours, I will give you the tools to learn calligraphy and start a creative, mindful practice.

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Do I have to have nice handwriting to do calligraphy?
Absolutely not! You will learn 
a system of drawing simple basic strokes to create letters. Anyone can do it!

I am left handed. Can I do calligraphy?
Yes! There are a lot of left handed calligraphers. I provide a few tips but it will take some experimenting to find out what will work for you.

I was given a calligraphy set as a gift. Can I use that in this course?
In this course we are doing modern calligraphy with a brush pen, which has a flexible nib that will create thick and thin strokes. Most calligraphy sets that people have contain a broad edged nib that can be used for certain types of calligraphy such as Italic or Blackletter but will not be used in this course.

What kind of pen do I need for this course?
The best brush pen to use for this course is the Tombow Fudenosuke which you can find at most art stores. We will use the hard tip pen. (It comes in a soft tip too) If you cannot find this pen a Pental Sign Brush Pen would work well too.

What People are Saying

Here’s what’s already waiting for you inside...


  • An overview of different kinds of brush pens

  • How modern calligraphy is different than other forms of calligraphy

  • What basic strokes are used to create letters

  • How to combine these into letterforms for the entire lower case alphabet

  • Simple botanical illustrations you can add to your lettering projects

  • Greeting card layout design ideas

  • Ideas of how to use your calligraphy for gifts and project


  • A 20 page printable workbook PDF

  • A link to almost two hours of video instruction

  • A reference page for the lowercase alphabet

  • A reference page for capital letters

  • A reference page for the combination of basic strokes

      for each letter

  • Step by step instructions for botanical illustrations

  • Traceable practice pages

  • Traceable common greeting card phrases pages

  • A weekly practice schedule

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Heather M

Amy's calligraphy class was excellent. She thoughtfully explained everything so that I could easily understand the technique. It was fun to try something new and now that I've practiced I can actually make beautiful handwriting for my homemade cards. I totally recommend this class. The best part was practicing on my own later because I didn't realize how relaxing and therapeutic artistic writing could be.

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Denise L


My teenage daughter and I enjoyed the calligraphy class! I felt encouraged how fast I was able to start this! I liked the casual feel of the online session, it was fun!  



Sharleen B

I have always thought of myself as a calligraphy artist because as a teen I had a calligraphy pen and played around with it. Taking this course really opened my eyes in a fabulous way. I understand now the physics and logic of calligraphy, and how elegant and clean it is. Amy laid out the plan and then was clear, concise and helpful with her instructions. I really enjoyed the friendly “sitting down for coffee” tone and quality of her voice, and her printout package was super helpful.

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Clear Video Instruction

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Printable Workbook


Learn to draw simple botanical illustrations to make beautiful homemade cards



Greeting Card Designs to give you endless ideas

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Benefits of Calligraphy

begin a Simple creative outlet

You will have so much fun with this new creative skill!

improve Mindfulness & mental health

Calligraphy is a therapeutic, meditative process.

save moneY. . .
or even earn a side income

Make your own greeting cards and gifts! Maybe even start doing calligraphy for others and earn a side income.


About Your Instructor

I have always loved words, typography and lettering. I doodled all over my binders in school with the typical teenage bubble letters, wrote my name in fancy cursive over and over a million times, and felt envious when my brother received a calligraphy set for his birthday (which he never used).


Fast forward a few years and I enrolled in Graphic Design at a community college and studied typography, among other art classes. After college, most of my experience with beautiful lettering was with computer fonts. I loved pairing fonts together and using beautiful scripts as background images in my graphic design work.

About five years ago, I stumbled onto an online class about watercolour lettering. I gave it a try and I was hooked! I have spent countless hours over the last few years learning to do modern calligraphy with a paint brush, brush pen, and pointed dip pen. I think the easiest way to start learning calligraphy is with a flexible nib brush pen which is what you will learn in this course.

Still wondering if you this course is for you?

Simple Brush Calligraphy is right for you if:

  • You have never taken a calligraphy course before

  • You enjoy art and journalling and want to have pretty writing 

  • You are interested in using your calligraphy to make special gifts 

  • You want printable worksheets to follow along with as well as a practice schedule so you will stick with it


This course is not for you if:

  • You have taken a calligraphy course before and know the basic strokes and how to combine them

  • You classify yourself as an ‘intermediate’ or ‘advanced’ calligrapher 

  • You have taken an in-person or ZOOM brush calligraphy class with me. This content is exactly the same as those classes.

More questions?
Email and ask away!

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When you enroll today,

you'll get access to everything for just: 


$59 USD

Approx. $75 CDN

You will be billed in USD

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