Custom House Illustration

A custom house illustration is such a special, personal gift. People love to remember their childhood home, Grandma's house, or their first home in this way. Each illustration is a one of a kind, original ink and watercolour 8 x 10"painting. Add a name or address in calligraphy.

These illlustrations make a great gift for first time home buyers, a house warming, a wedding gift, a realtor closing gift, or for yourself!

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House Illustration Mock up2.jpg
House Illustration Mock up3.jpg
House Illustration Mock up.jpg

Prices start at $150.00.

Includes a name or address (or several words of your choice) in calligraphy.  Price is based on a good clear photo of the front of the house. The illustration would be finished in 2-3 weeks from the time I receive a good usable photo. If you can only supply a lower quality or older photo the price would be subject to change. If the house has a lot of complicated detail the price may also be subject to change.