Brush Pens: The Simple Way to Start Modern Calligraphy

My favourite creative outlet is modern calligraphy. And my favourite tool to create modern calligraphy is with a brush pen. I enjoy pointed pen calligraphy too but I find it much more difficult to master and it requires getting out more supplies and requires more clean up. With a brush pen I can just pop off the lid and start. So for this lazy girl, brush pens are the way to go.

My favourite pen is the Tombow Fudesnosuke Hard Tip Brush Pen and is the best for beginners in my opinion. It gives nice thin lines on the upstrokes and is dark black ink. It is us

Other Brush Pens

The Pentel Sign Brush Pen is similar to the Fudenosuke pen but the ink is not quite as dark. The Colour Brush and Chinese Pen have actual paintbrush bristles and are harder to control but you can achieve a rough line which can be really fun if that is the look you are going for. The Tombow Dual Tip is very popular with brush calligraphers but it makes larger letters and is harder to control.

Other Pens for Calligraphy

You can even do calligraphy with a Crayola marker but putting more pressure on the soft tip for the downstrokes!

I like doing "monoline" calligraphy with a felt tip pen or a pencil too. You just don't have the thick and thin lines if you use these tools.

There are many brush pens in your local art/craft store and they are not very expensive, so buy a few and try them out!

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