Learn Calligraphy from me!

I love sharing my passion for calligraphy with others. During the pandemic I began teaching brush calligraphy online. If you are interested in learning brush calligraphy, check our the classes and worksheets I have available.

If you would like to book an in person or online group class of 10-12 people click here and choose Book a Class from the Select a Service drop down menu.

Brush Calligraphy Capital Letters Worksheets

Improve your brush calligraphy skills with these capital letters worksheets. You will receive a 12 page PDF that you can print and then trace with a small brush pen. The worksheets contain three beautiful styles of each letter. You will also receive a link to a video that demonstrates how to draw each letter!

Enjoy the meditative process of writing these lovely flowing capital letters. Take a few minutes for yourself, and lose yourself in your calligraphy practice.

These worksheets are a supplement to Amy Bollana Design's Simple Brush Calligraphy for Beginners class* where we spend time learning the basic strokes that make up the lower case alphabet. Unlike the lower case letters, these capital letters don't follow any rules and are just a lot of fun! 

Brush calligraphy is a great way to be creative and add beauty to your cards, letters and gifts. So grab your pen and let's get lettering!Note: Price is in USD

Capital Letters Worksheets photo.jpg

*The online version of Simple Brush Calligraphy for Beginners is coming soon! Sign up to be notified when it is ready.